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Cost is $2,500 and includes:
Ground transportation to and from the Charleston International Airport
Hotel Room, Meals during the workshop

Workshop Materials, Mentors and Consultants
NOTE: Airfare/travel costs and additional night(s) at Wild Dunes Resort not included


Application Information

Important Dates (subject to change)

July 2 – August 8, 2018: Applications accepted

October 1: Successful applicants notified via email

October 3: Waitlisted and non-accepted applications notified via email

October 10: Applicants must confirm acceptance of invitation

October 11: Alternates notified via email

October 17: Participants notified of their primary and secondary mentors

October 17 through December: Mentors begin contacting mentees and providing feedback to mentees on proposal and/or research ideas



Complete Application Forms
The application form consists of parts A & B


Part A is for the ap­plic­ant's re­search plan

Re­search Plan Format  - No More Than 3 Pages 
(Sep­ar­ate Doc­u­ment from Bio­s­ketch)
Ref­er­ences may be ad­di­tional page(s)

Spe­cific Aims - 1 page
(in­clud­ing hy­po­theses when ap­pro­pri­ate; im­pact and in­nov­a­tion) 

Re­search Strategy - 2 pages
1.  Back­ground (brief lit­er­at­ure re­view and ra­tionale)
2.  Sig­ni­fic­ance (im­plic­a­tion for the field)
3.  In­nov­a­tion
4.  Ap­proach
It is im­port­ant to clearly con­vey the Aims, Sig­ni­fic­ance and In­nov­a­tion in these 3 pages

Part B is for the ap­plic­ant's per­sonal in­form­a­tion

(NIH Bio­s­ketch).  Down­load the NIH Bio­s­ketch form here.
A sample Biosketch can be found here and used as a guide.

NOTE:  The re­search plan and Bio­s­ketch can only be sub­mit­ted one time per ap­plic­ant. There­fore, it is sug­ges­ted that both these items are in their final draft be­fore you apply on­line. Please use the on­line sub­mis­sion link at the bot­tom of this page. 


Letters of Support
Two Letters of Support are Required (as described below)


1. De­part­ment Chair or Di­vi­sion Head

   Must be from re­gis­trant's in­sti­tu­tion or, if senior trainee,
   in in­sti­tu­tion where fac­ulty po­s­i­tion is an­ti­cip­ated.

The let­ter of sup­port should con­tain the fol­low­ing in­form­a­tion:

   a.  Pro­vi­sion of re­gis­trant's cost of travel/re­gis­tra­tion.

   b.  Pro­tec­ted time for re­gis­trant to pre­pare for and par­ti­cip­ate
   in the 4-1/2day work­shop, to com­plete and sub­mit NIH pro­posal
   or equi­val­ent, and, if fun­ded, to ex­ecute the pro­posed re­search.

 2. Re­gis­trant's Re­search or Senior Fac­ulty Mentor

   The let­ter of sup­port should con­tain the fol­low­ing in­form­a­tion:

   a.  Po­ten­tial of re­gis­trant as an aca­demic and as a re­searcher.

   b.  Ad­equacy of train­ing and re­search ex­per­i­ence to be
   com­pet­it­ive for an NIH or equi­val­ent; re­search or re­search
   train­ing award.

   c.  Over­view of re­gis­trant's re­search topic, planned ap­proach,
   fa­cil­it­ies, re­sources, and ex­pert­ise avail­able.

   d.  Mentor's qual­i­fic­a­tions (e.g. NIH or com­par­able fund­ing re­cord
   of ac­com­plish­ment) and plans for sup­port­ing the re­gis­trant in
   plan­ning and writ­ing a com­pet­it­ive re­search pro­posal. For
   strongest application, the letter from institutional mentor should
   also include evidence of past and present mentoring interactions
   with mentee.

   e.  NIH Bio­s­ketch of fac­ulty mentor.

Both letters should be addressed to the Application Committee and then emailed by August 7th in PDF format to: Laura Reid
It can be sent to Ms. Reid by the applicant or the letter writer; there is no preference. 



Acceptance and Confirmation
Following acceptance into the workshop the confirmation of acceptance takes 3 steps


1. Reply to the email sent on Oc­to­ber 2 con­firm­ing your com­mit­ment to at­tend.

2. Sub­mit the re­gis­tra­tion fee:  The cost will be $2,500, which in­cludes work­shop ma­ter­i­als, hotel room, meals, air­port trans­fers, ment­ors and con­sult­ants. (This does not in­clude travel costs or extra night(s) at the Wild Dunes Re­sort.)

1. Make check pay­able to:
Med­ical Uni­versity of South Car­o­lina or MUSC 

   Mail check to:
                      Laura Reid
                      MUSC, Col­lege of Health Pro­fes­sions
                      151 B Rutledge Avenue MSC 962
                      Char­le­ston, SC 29425

2. If your institution requires an invoice, please email Laura Reid at to request one.


3. Make in­di­vidual travel ar­range­ments: Plan to ar­rive at the Wild Dunes Re­sort by 1:30pm on the first day of the work­shop. Trans­port­a­tion from the Char­le­ston In­ter­na­tional Air­port to the Wild Dunes Re­sort will be provided.

NoteAfter your ac­cept­ance and re­ceipt of your re­gis­tra­tion fee, we will be mak­ing your Wild Dunes re­ser­va­tion for you. When you ar­rive at the work­shop and check in at the Wild Dunes Resort they will ask for a credit card but it will only be for in­cid­ental ex­penses you may have. Fur­ther de­tails re­gard­ing work­shop pre­par­a­tion, sched­ule and lo­gist­ics will fol­low. Par­ti­cipants will be as­signed their primary and sec­ond­ary fac­ulty ment­ors and “pods” prior to the work­shop.



A completed Research Plan and NIH Biographical Sketch must be uploaded with your online application. The research plan and Biosketch can only be submitted one time per applicant. Therefore, it is suggested that both these items are in their final draft before you apply online.

The application opens July 2nd.