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To expose students, faculty, and staff at the Medical University of South Carolina to opportunities for interprofessional and intercultural education skills development and training, according to institutional mission and values.

  • Assist with changing institutional culture, creating an atmosphere of commitment to interprofessional (IPE) practice, and value of intercultural education (IE). 
  • Provide the infrastructure for student interprofessional health professions training initiatives development.
  • Collaborate on campus wide promotion of curriculum, co curricular and clinical innovations in interprofessional and intercultural education.
  • Contribute regularly to scholarly research on IPE and IE outcomes in academic health care institutions.
  • Foster and facilitate development, implementation, and maintenance of interprofessional and intercultural education, practice, and research.

Interprofessional Education 
“Occasions when two or more professions learn with, from and about each other to improve collaboration and the quality of care.”
(CAIPE 1997, 2005)

Interprofessional and Intercultural Educational Initiatives can assist with: 

  1. More effective and efficient patient care and decreasing patient errors.
  2. Greater patient satisfaction and benefit from receiving care from diverse health professionals who value and understand the impact of cultural difference on patient care/outcomes.
  3. Professional growth and personal development, which results in opportunities which transition “from theory to practice.”
  4. A broader understanding of how health professionals work collaboratively to enhance overall patient care.
  5. Maximizing cost-effective resources through collaborative efforts.
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Wednesday, November 3rd
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