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University Compliance Office

Reporting Compliance Issues

Concerns about compliance issues may be reported verbally or in writing. Employees are permitted to report concerns on an anonymous basis.  Concerns may be reported to the University Compliance Officer, University General Council, College Deans, Unit Chairs, Unit Compliance Manager or normal unit reporting channel.  In addition, a confidential 7 day a week, 24-hour third-party "hotline" has also been established to permit compliance issues to be reported on a confidential basis.  This hotline is staffed by skilled Compliance Risk Specialists. Posters regarding this hotline, called the Confidential Hotline, are displayed throughout the University in common work areas.  Calls made to the Confidential Hotline involving University affairs are forwarded to the University Compliance Office.

Employees who report in good faith possible compliance issues should not be subjected to retaliation or harassment as a result of the reporting.  Concerns about possible retaliation should be immediately reported to the University Compliance Officer.

Compliance Officer (843) 792-8740

Compliance Hotline 1-800-296-0269


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