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Introduction to MUSC Excellence

Required Training for all University Employees

We believe it’s important to introduce you to MUSC Excellence.  This is an initiative that began on our campus in 2005, and all   Faculty and Staff are involved in understanding its purpose and living its principles.  

UNIVERSITY EMPLOYEES:  Some of you have been at the University for a while now and have still not completed this training.  If you feel that you have already completed these classes please call or e-mail me and I will make the proper adjusts in my records.  I will be happy to send you a copy of your CATTS transcript which verifies all on-line training as well as a record of completion of classes attended via enrollment through CATTS if you are unsure of your status.

NEW HIRES:  Welcome to MUSC!  As a part of your orientation to our University, we believe it’s important to introduce you to MUSC Excellence. We have found that it’s best to schedule these introductory classes between 30 and 90 days of your hire date. 

Two classes are required

Introduction to MUSC Excellence Training- Level I (Course #206)

An Overview of MUSC Excellence including its purpose, structure and outcomes.

Thursday1/10/131:00 PM3:00 PM803 Harborview Tower
Wednesday2/13/139:00 AM11:00 AM803 Harborview Tower
Thursday3/14/131:00 PM3:00 PM803 Harborview Tower
Thursday4/11/139:00 AM11:00 AM803 Harborview Tower
Wednesday5/15/139:00 AM11:00 AM803 Harborview Tower
Thursday7/11/131:00 PM3:00 PM803 Harborview Tower
Thursday9/12/139:00 AM11:00 AM803 Harborview Tower
Thursday10/10/131:00 PM3:00 PM803 Harborview Tower
Wednesday10/30/139:00 AM11:00 AM803 Harborview Tower



9:00 AM

11:00 AM

803 Harborview Tower

Key Words Communication Training – Level II (Course #207)

Training that provides skills for more professional, respectful and caring communications.

Thursday1/24/131:00 PM3:00 PM803 Harborview Tower
Thursday3/7/139:00 AM11:00 AM803 Harborview Tower
Wednesday4/24/139:00 AM11:00 AM803 Harborview Tower
Wednesday5/22/131:00 PM3:00 PM803 Harborview Tower
Wednesday7/24/139:00 AM11:00 AM803 Harborview Tower
Thursday8/29/139:00 AM11:00 AM803 Harborview Tower
Wednesday9/25/131:00 PM3:00 PM803 Harborview Tower
Wednesday10/23/139:00 AM11:00 AM803 Harborview Tower
Thursday11/14/131:00 PM3:00 PM803 Harborview Tower


Directions:  Harborview Office Tower, 8th floor

Turn right when getting off the elevator—Room 803 will be the first room on the left.  It’s the same room that University employees have new hire orientation in. 

Parking:  Employees should park in their regularly assigned spaces and come over by campus shuttle.  However, parking arrangements at Harborview can be arranged through Parking Management @ 2-3665. 


Enrollment for these classes will be accomplished via the use of CATTS.  
To enroll in these sessions please follow the directions below:
Using Microsoft Internet Explorer, type in the following web address:

First you will need to sign into CATTS.  You will log into CATTS with your MUSC NetID and password.  
Go to
Type in your NETID and password
Open CATTS by clicking on the CATTS icon.
Follow the instructions below.
Once you go through this setup process, you will not have to go to Citrix every time to gain access to CATTS. The next time you log in you will be able to go directly to the CATTS website.
To Self Enroll in Events:
1. At the top of the page click on Classes and Events.
2. When the drop list appears click on SELF ENROLLMENT.
3. Change AT Facility to:  Medical University of South Carolina by using the drop list.  Next change the End date to 12/01/2013, then click List Events.
4. There will be sessions listed for Level 1 (choose one) and/or sessions listed for Level 2 (choose one) - click on the Enroll Now button (A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you for your records).  
If you cannot access this event, please call me at extension 792-4402 or e-mail me as soon as possible and I will be happy to sign you up.

Susan Smith Fox
University Excellence Coordinator
41 Bee Street
MSC 175
Charleston, SC  29425
843-792-1506 (Fax)

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