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NCBI Workshops

Campus Workshops:

Campus workshops are open to all faculty, staff and students.  As an affiliate of the Carolina Coalition, these workshops are at no cost to the respective colleges/departments.

Exposure Workshops:

One hour session designed to expose individuals to limited aspects of the prejudice reduction modules of NCBI.

Welcoming Diversity:

Seven hour training session designed to introduce participants to various aspects of diversity which include but are not limited to identifying the information and misinformation we learned about other groups, to learn how groups, other than our own, experience mistreatment, learn the personal impact of specific incidents of discrimination and how to interrupt prejudicial jokes, remarks, and slurs.

Handling Controversial Issues:

Three hour training session designed to assist individuals within a group setting on handling tough interpersonal intergroup conflicts.

Train the trainer:

Three day session designed to train individuals to serve on the campus NCBI leadership team as trainers of the NCBI modules. Pre-requisite:  the full day Welcoming Diversity or 3 hour Handling Controversial Issues workshop.

Student Workshops:

Student workshops are tailored to the specific needs of the audience. The NCBI Leadership Team incorporates pertinent examples and dialogue that is relevant to the specific subtle nuances that may exist within specific healthcare professions in general and within diverse groups of people in particular.

Appreciating Diversity Exposure Workshop:

Three hour training session designed to accommodate the specific needs of diverse colleges and departments in introducing participants to various aspects of diversity.

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