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Bio-Engineering Building - First LEED building on MUSC campus

bioengineering building

Bio-Enginnering building LEED Gold certification

The BEB has earned 4/5 points for Water Efficiency by earning a 40.6% water-use reduction (in annual water consumption) by using Low-flow plumbing fixtures and fittings:
  • Pint flushing urinals
  • 1.28 gpf water closets(gallons per flush)
  • .5 gpm lavatory faucets (gallons per minute)
  • Breakroom/kitchen sinks with a 2.0 gpm flow restrictors
 The BEB is also expecting a 21.5% energy cost savings. This was achieved by:
  • occupancy sensors, lighting controls, and task lighting
  • wall insulation of R20
  • high-reflectance R20 roof
  • double pane PPG windows
  • window and building overhangs
  • exterior lighting (savings of 36.1%)
  • highly efficient HVAC system with heat recovery
The project has also utilized ‘enhanced commissioning’ for the design and construction phase. Enhanced commissioning, which earns 1 LEED point for Energy & Atmosphere, describes the process of verifying that certain energy-related systems are installed, accounted for, and performing consistent with the project’s requirements.  Benefits of completing this process include:
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased occupant/worker productivity

Extra thick insulation will make this building more energy efficient!
bioengineering recycle unit

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