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Energy Performance Contract

The Energy Performance Contract has resulted in the following savings. The bulk of the savings (75%) are seen in the following 5 areas:

  1. Lighting and Lighting Controls (27%)
  • About 49,000 lights have been changed out. The original 4-lamp (130 Watts) fluorescent fixtures have been replaced by 2-lamp (50 watts) energy efficient fixtures.
  • The new fixtures have already resulted in an annual saving of $664,700.

Image of an LED light in at an MUSC facility

  1. Water Conservation Projects (21%)
  • 1815 new low flush toilets
  • 211 Urinals
  • 2571 Flow Restrictors
  • 100 Shower Heads
  • The savings from these changes are $509,760 per year.

Depiction of a low flow faucet at MUSC

  1. EMS (Energy Management strategies) (15%)
  • Elimination of third shift in Engineering & Facilities Department
  • Automatic shut off for electricity
  • Set up and set back for HVAC Systems (especially in non-clinical areas)
  • These strategies have resulted in an annual savings of $342,826
  1. Fume Hood Upgrades (12%)
  • 96 fume hoods have been replaced by a newer model that is safer and operates more efficiently than the older ones. The new hoods have four sliding doors that move side to side instead of the vertical sash: 50% less air is used.
  • The new hoods have an automatic buffer to shut off the air when not in use and provide better protection for the researchers.
  • The new hoods reflect an annual saving of $288,523

Shows an updated, more efficient fume hood

  1. Steam System Improvements (7%)
  • 90 Steam Traps have been replaced or installed. This has resulted in less wasted steam, i.e. reduced energy use.
  • Annual savings are estimated at $157,800

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