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Projects Listing

Here you can find a list of featured state projects currently underway at MUSC.  Please see South Carolina Business Opportunities for project advertisements.

Capital Projects must comply with the State Engineer's Office, Commission of Higher Education, Joint Bond and Review Committee and the Budget and Control Board.


project descriptionProject Documents
H51-9793: Psychiatric Institute Data Center System UpgradesProject Manual; Drawings; Addendum #1; Addendum #2; Notice of Intent to Award
H51-9824-D: Waring Library HVAC UpgradeProject Manual; Drawings; Addendum #1; Notice of Intent to Award
H51-9808-B: Thurmond Gazes Exterior Envelope RepairsProject Maunal; Drawings; Addendum #1; Addendum #2; Interior Photos; Notice of Intent to Award
H51-D147-PG: IDC General Construction (Seed Project - Thurmond Gazes Building 6th Floor Vascular Office Renovation)Project Manual; Drawings; Addendum #1; Addendum #2; Addendum #3; Notice of Intent to Award
H51-9826-FW-A: 2013-14 Maintenance Needs (Clinical Science Building AHU #2 and #3)Project Manual; Drawings Part 1; Drawings Part 2; Addendum #1; Addendum #2: Addendum #3
H51-9820-PG-R: Deferred Maintenance - CHP Research HVACProject Manual; Drawings; Addendum #1; Notice of Intent to Award
H51-9824-PG-F: Deferred Maintenance 2012, Colbert Library Exterior Walls Fenestrations and Interim RepairsProject Manual; Drawings; Addendum #1; Addendum #2
H51-9826-FW-C & H51-9812-FW-B: BSB West Side and BSB East Side Hot Water Riser ReplacementProject Manual; Drawings
H51-N332: CSB Ortho Surgery Office Renovations Phase 2Project Manual Part 1; Project Manual Part 2: Drawings Part 1; Drawings Part 2: Drawings Part 3



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