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New Employee Orientation

Greetings and welcome to Engineering and Facilities (E&F). Our Employee Orientation Handbook contains information that we hope you will find useful in these first weeks of your employment.

It includes the Unit’s Mission Statement, some University policy extracts from Unit policies and Procedures, and other information. We do not intend this book to be all-inclusive, but it will help you fit into the organization.

Not every entry applies to each employee. However, I encourage you to read the entire manual. While an entry might not give you direction specific to your job, it is likely to give you the "flavor" of the department.

Engineering and Facilities is a service organization. We exist to support the essential functions that define an institution of higher education. We in the Unit hold this to be an extremely important and noble objective. If you enjoy helping and pleasing others, and you enjoy working with others with that temperament, you have found a home.

If you find after reading the Employee Orientation Handbook, you have questions about what you have read, please raise them with your supervisor or me.  We will be happy to help you. If you do not have questions about the contents, you are well on your way to becoming a successful member of Engineering and Facilities.

I thank you for making Engineering and Facilities of the Medical University of South Carolina the place to exercise your career.


Greg Weigle
MUSC, Chief Facilities Officer


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