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Special Events Support

Engineering and Facilities can help with your special event. We will work with you to coordinate equipment rental, setup and cleanup for your event. Please contact your building engineer to discuss support for your event.

The Office of Enrollment Management provides scheduling services for general use classrooms and for several special use areas on campus.

Please fax all room reservation requests to 843-792-5094. The Classroom Reservation forms are available from this location.

You may view the classrooms along with all equipment at the following website:

Any questions regarding audiovisual equipment may be directed to Educational Technology Services; Kyle Connelly at 843-792-4167. If you have an emergency, you may call 843-792-5396 and speak to our receptionist. "Emergency" is defined as something that absolutely, positively cannot wait for a response until the end of the day or the next morning.

If you are planning to serve food or drinks in the classroom that you are reserving, please notify housekeeping and recycling so that an extra pick up can be scheduled for that day/time. Call 843-792-4119 and specify the room number, date and time of your event and ask them to produce two work orders: one for housekeeping and one for recycling. Consult our Green Event Planning Guide for tips on holding an environmentally friendly event. Go to for information on the campus’ Sustainability Program.

More information, including room lists and the room request form, is available on the Classroom Scheduling page.


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