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Sustainability and Recycling at MUSC

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children" - Native American Proverb
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The goal of the Sustainability and Recycling Program at MUSC is to reduce the environmental impact of our campus by advancing energy efficiency, water conservation and encouraging recycling.

Last year, MUSC recycled 27% of total solid waste.

Guiding departments and units to reduce waste and helping them to conserve resources is our mission while we continue to increase the proportion of waste that is recycled.

We have recently introduced recycling in labs; click on the bottles for more info


Submit a Service Request: 843-792-4119 or ext 2-4119 
Call the Recycling Office: (843) 792-4066
 Learn how to recycle and what items are reyclable here
Find answers about Recycling
Ready to "Clean Out" and get rid of files & other items? clean-out bin instructions here; clean-out bin request: 2-4119

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Take the Sustainability Pledge here

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