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Sustainability & Recycling - Green Event Checklist

MUSC Environmental Sustainability Event Guidelines for Campus Events: As part of MUSC’s commitment to creating a sustainable campus environment, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to plan and execute events that support this commitment.  The following checklist was developed to assist in this process and raise awareness of our environmental responsibilities.musc facade

Planning and Organizing

  • Identify an individual or small group to ensure that planning choices are aligned with MUSC’s environmental sustainability commitment
  • Notify the Recycling Office that you are having an event and that you will need extra bins.  Send an email to with date, location and approx # of attendees


  • Go paperless:  Implement a virtual invitation and/or create a web-based invitation
  • Inform attendees that this is a “green” event and include suggestions for attendees in publicity (e.g., bring your own mug, etc.)
  • Provide website for handouts or information rather than hard copies


  • Hold the event during the day and in a location that will take advantage of natural lighting (when possible)
  • Hold the event in a central location to minimize transportation impact

Vendors - List of Green vendors click here

  • Identify and contract with vendors and sponsors who implement “green” practices
  • Use locally grown/produced foods
  • Use reusable (or if not possible) compostable glasses, dishes, cutlery, etc.
  • Avoid individually wrapped salt/pepper/condiments


  • Create signage that can be reused for annual and/or similar events (avoid printing dates/times/locations)
  • Collect and reuse supplies including badge holders, etc.
  • Coordinate with the MUSC Sustainability & Recycling Program (call 2-4068) to ensure the appropriate number and types of recycling containers are available
  • Plan food service needs to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • Encourage attendees to take excess food with them (provide appropriate containers) and/or donate excess food to charitable organizations.
  • Collect unused items for use at a future event.


  • Maintain an event log, documenting the number of trash bags used, napkins, etc. to track impact over time
  • Provide volunteers, vendors, and attendees with the opportunity to suggest additional ways the event could become more environmentally friendly
  • Evaluate environmental impact of event; post to website

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