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As part of a national recycling campaign involving colleges and universities across the nation, MUSC commits 8 weeks every year between January and March to “RecycleMania,” with a goal of becoming the top academic recycler and trash reducer in the country.

New in 2014 was the ollection of Food Service Organics: over 70 tons of food waste were diverted to the compost facility and some of it came back to beautify our grounds and enrich our soil! Our goal in 2015 is to rank higher in every category and with your help we can achieve this!

RecycleMania Question of the week: email your answer to for a chance to win a prize!

RecycleMania week #1: In 2014 MUSC recycled 1.4 tons of batteries in repurposed containers. How was the battery recycling container used in its previous life?

RecycleMania week#2: MUSC has two locations for a Reusable Office Exchange Program called ROSE: one is on the 1st floor of Parking Garage I, 97 Jonathan Lucas Street and the other is on the 2nd floor of Harborview Tower right next to the elevators. What FREE office supply item is ALWAYS available?

RecycleMania week #3: With technology advancing very rapidly, we have a new stream of recycling that includes small electronics, cell phones, empty toner and ink jet cartridges, wires, plugs & cables, cassettes, CD’s & disks, batteries. What do we call this category of recycling at MUSC; where and how do we collect it?

RecycleMania week#4: On the MUSC campus all paper that is collected for recycling is shredded in our own shredder truck to ensure that confidentiality is preserved. does the paper in the confidential or “shredder” bin cost more to recycle than the paper in the regular paper recycling bin?

RecycleMania week#5: Charleston County recycles plastics #1- #7 and picks up all the plastic collected on the MUSC campus. Styrofoam and plastic bags are not recyclable at this time. What # plastic (resin Identification Code) is Styrofoam?

RecycleMania week #6: MUSC has partnered with OfficeMax to recycle  empty toner cartridges. Can anyone on campus sign up for the OfficeMax Rewards program and print the free shipping label?

RecycleMania week#7: At MUSC, in order to be recycled, cardboard boxes need to be flattened; it is collected then baled and/or compacted in ten locations on campus…How many tons of cardboard did MUSC recycle last year?”

RecycleMania week #8: MUSC recycled 151 tons of food waste and 91 tons of yard waste in 2014. The Bees Ferry Compost Facility turns all this waste into a rich soil amendment called compost. How long does it take for our food waste to become compost?


RecycleMania 2014 rankings: 24 out of 144 in Paper,, 54 out of 256 in Cardboard, 73 out of 140 in bottles & Cans

RecycleMania 2013 rankings: 31 out of 164 in Paper, 32/162 in Cardboard, 93/365 in Bottles and Cans

RecycleMania 2012 theme was “The Spirit of Recycling”; our team created a little video: click here to view MUSC Recycles Right!

MUSC rankings in 2012: 7th in Paper recycling and 9th in Cardboard recycling

MUSC rankings in 2011: 9th in Paper recycling and 18th in Cardboard recycling
MUSC rankings in 2010: 3rd in Paper and 10th in Cardboard

final scoreboard for recyclemania

2014 Weekly Trivia Question winners:

Michael Bonner, Ben Curry, Jill Loli, Rachel Leigh, Andrew Teer, Stanley Smith, Amanda Williamson, Joan Mueller

This competition helps create awareness of existing programs and our hope is that it will instill lifelong sustainable habits among MUSC the family.
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