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Sustainability & Recycling - Compost

Composting is nature’s way of recycling organic material. Composting is important because it: 

  1. Reduces waste sent to the landfill saving money on waste disposal costs
  2. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Helps make our campus beautiful - in exchange for the material we send to the county compost facility, MUSC recieves finished compost which is used on the MUSC Grounds


Pre-Consumer Composting

MUSC has partnered with College of Charleston, The Citadel, and Trident Technical College in a multi-agency compost hauling contract in an effort to divert cafeteria pre-consumer food waste from the landfill to the Bee's Ferry Compost facility. The three cafeterias on the MUSC campus compost tons of prep waste and unserved leftovers every year.

Post-Consumer Composting

To further reduce landfilled waste at MUSC, we are piloting our first public compost bin located in the center of the urban farm located at 29 1/2 Bee Street. More public compost bins are coming to lobby locations soon.

What to compost? Food scraps, compostable containers, and food-soiled paper· This includes proccessed foods, fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs,and other cooked foods.

What not to: Plastic cutlery, to-go coffee cups, or raw meat products



Vermicomposting uses red wiggler (eisensia foetida) worms to do the work of composting. The worms eat the organics and leave behind castings. These systems come in a variety of sizes. "Uncle Jim's Worms" is a good source online to purchase live worms for vermicomposting

Worm Facility at 17 Erhardt Street - The worm facility uses red wiggler worms to convert food scraps from the cafeteria and yard waste from grounds into a potent fertilizer that is used on the urban farm. 


Additional resources:

MUSC Urban Farm

Institutional CompostingPDF, a Step by Step guide


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