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Sustainability & Recycling - Energy Conservation

Three main focus areas:turn lights off

  1. Energy Saving Campaign reminding everyone to Turn Lights OFF
  2. Energy Performance Contract: click here.
  3. Education is a key component to this effort:
  • Request light switch stickers here
  • Energy Insert here with 2014 recycling stats
  • Print this checklist before the Christmas holiday break and post it on the door
  • Energy/Phantom Load poster         
  • 2016 Surge To Save Energy Campaign:                                                                                                                                   


Energy Saving Tips!

  • Turn off overhead and desk light when not needed
  • Turn off computer overnight and weekends, updates will be done when you power back up
  • Turn off monitor overnight and weekends
  • Turn off or unplug all peripherals until ready to use: save on Phantom Power drain!
  • Use power strip to switch off coffee pots...
  • Set break room refrigerator to 38-42 degrees
  • Set your office thermostat to 68 in winter to 72 in summer
  • Lower your thermostat at night or when away
  • Turn off Fume Hoods
  • Close hood covers when not in use
  • Bring a sweater and wear it instead of turning on the space heater





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