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Sustainability & Recycling - Energy Conservation

Responsibly managing energy at MUSC not only reduces our environmental impact, but saves money which can be used throughout the enterprise to support our goal of improving all of the lives we touch. By doing our part to reduce our environmental impact, we area lso reducing climate change's impact on human health. 


What MUSC is doing to Save Energy

Energy Performance Contracts ($2.5M in Annual Savings) - This is an innovative financing technique that uses cost savings from reduced energy consumption to repay the cost of installing energy conservation measures. Started in 2009, MUSC began its first Energy Performance Contract using an outside vendor to reccomend and implement savings measures. Improvements in lighting equipment and controls, water conservation, energy management strategies, fume hoods, and steam system improvements resulted in $2.5M in annual savings. More information on the 2009 Energy Performance Contract. MUSC is currently in-proccess on another Energy Performance Contract with more information to come. 

In-House Energy Projects - Smaller projects undergone by MUSC shops and departments help reduce energy usage. For example, MUSC Electric Shop used a $2,200 SCE&G Grant to change to more efficient LED lights in Strom Thurmond resulting in $3,024 annual energy savings and less maintenance per unit.


Green Building - ¨BioEngineering Building and Drug Discovery Building are LEED Gold Facilities. The Sean Jenkins Children’s Hospital, Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion being built is anticipated to be LEED Silver Certified. See more under the Green Building Section


What You Can do to Save Energy 


Turn Off and Unplug - Turn off items below when not in use, during weekends, and when on vacation. Unplug items or turnoff via a power strip to avoid phantom energy consumption.

  • Overhead Lights
  • Computers*
  • Lamps
  • Printers / Copiers
  • Coffee Pots
  • Microwave 
  • Other Equipment



Keep Your Thermostat at a Regular Temperature 

74° - Summertime Setting, is reccomended as a comfortable temperature during the summer months.

68° - Winter Setting, is reccomended as a comfortable temperature during the winter months.



Spread the Word & Learn
  • To schedule a 15 minute training for your staff, email
  • Encourage your colleagues to save energy by turning off and unplugging equipment and lights when not needed.
  • Learn about best practices and upgrade old equipment to more energy efficient equipment. turn lights off
  • Request light switch stickers here
  • Print this checklist before the Christmas holiday break and post it on the door
  • Energy/Phantom Load poster   
  • Labs - Participate in the North American Freezer Challenge. Negative Eighty Freezers use as much energy as single family home:












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