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Sustainability & Recycling - Green Purchasing Information


Three questions you should ask when considering a green product:

1.  What is the standard this label is based on and can I see it?
2.  What is the standard setting process?
3.  Who verified the process and product?

Credible third parties for product verification include:

ecologogreenguard    Water sense

 green businessENERGY STAR                           


Definition of Greenwashing: unsubstantiated or misleading "green" claims

There are at least seven forms of GREENWASHING: hidden tradeoffs, no proof, lesser of two evils, vagueness, irrelevance, fibbing, and false labels.

There are generally three types of eco-labels:

  • One based on third party certification and publically available environmental standards
  • One based on manufacturers marketing strategy
  • One based on specific environmental information that makes you decide how green

The links on this page will give you a wealth of information on sustainable purchsing practices. .....

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