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MUSC Sustainability. Photo of Earth Day 2017

Laboratory Recycling

 Laboratory waste, whether chemical or biological, can pose a significant risk to human health and the environment if not handled correctly. As part of MUSC’s efforts to become a sustainable campus, the MUSC Sustainability & Recycling Program has created a "Lab Recycling Program" that trains labs to recycle safely and effectively. After training, labs are provided a bin/bins and collection service for recyclable materials. The lab recycling program allows MUSC staff, students and faculty to reduce their impact on the environment and to reduce costs to the institution for waste disposal.

Get Involved

  • Email to set up an in-person training in your lab. (~20 min training).
  • After training, MUSC recycling will deliver bins which are emptied weekly.  
  • Dowload a copy of the lab recycling training presentation. Please share this with new members of your lab, or those who missed training originally.


What can be Recycled?

Plastic, Glass & Metal: Clean uncontaminated lab related plastic, glass and metal containers can be recycled in the blue container labeled “Glass, Metal & Plastic.”  These materials are collected once a week.

  • Deface the label by marking a large red X across the name of the chemical
  • “Triple-Rinse” containers that contained liquids, chemicals or media.
  • Do not recycle containers that contained biohazard, noxious or highly toxic chemicals
  • Place lids or caps back on whenever possible

Plastic: Only rigid plastics: no Styrofoam, no plastic wrap are accepted.

Glass: Brown Glass only! (as pictured to the right) No ceramics, no plate glass,

no tempered glass (Pyrex).

Metal: Metal trays (foil) and any item or container made of aluminum, steel or any other metal.

Cardboard & Paperboard:

Flatten cardboard and paper board (tissue and gloves boxes…) and place it next to your trash container. Housekeeping collects all cardboard when they pick up your trash. The cardboard is then baled and recycled.


Printer paper, envelopes and any other paper are recycled in the grey bin with a slotted green lid (23 gal.) All paper is shredded on campus. Paper is picked up once a week.

E-Waste & Batteries:

E-waste items include wires, plugs, empty toner cartridges and any other small electronic item; any large equipment (one with an asset tag) that you are disposing of must go to surplus. Collect e-waste in a box and batteries in a jug or a bucket. Call 2-4119 to request a pick up. E-waste drop off locations are also available in the Education Center Lobby, ART Cafeteria, and Main Hospital across from the cafeteria.  



Contact Us

To Submit a Recycling Service
Request Call 843-792-4119
MUSC Sustainability & Recycling 
97 Jonathan Lucas MSC 190 
Charleston, SC 29425
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