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Sustainability and Recycling - Services


Service Call Desk:


Online Request Form


For Requesting Recycling Services anywhere on the MUSC campus including Main Hospital and all clinical areas, a Work Order must be issued by either calling the Service Call Desk or placing an online request. Be prepared to provide the following info:

Your MUSC User ID, a contact name, contact number, location on campus, what materials you are recycling and what type of bin or service you need.

Click here to see the selection of bins or choose from the list below

For the latest Collection Schedule click here.

Furnish a new recycling bin: specify what materials you are recycling
Empty a full bin: specify what materials are in the bin 
Remove a full bin: specify if you want an empty bin back or, if you are done with the clean out, let the operator know that you don't want it replaced
Unlock a paper recycling bin if you have inadvertently disposed of the wrong piece of paper!

desk side bin#1 Desk-side Recycling Bin

  • You must empty desk-side bin in the nearest paper or bottle & can bin
  • email us your exact location and we will provide you with a list of convenient bins

***NOTE: we do not service this type of bin

paper bin#2 Paper Slim Jim

  • for office paper
  • place next to printer/copier/fax; paper will be shredded
  • dimensions: 11”x 20”x 34”

paper recycling console#3 Console

  • for Confidential Paper
  • place near nurses’ station and near sensitive materials;
door has lock
  • dimensions: 15”x 23”x 35.5”

plastic recycling bin#4 Blue Slim Jim (PGS)

  • #1, #2, #3, #5 & #7 plastics, glass bottles, aluminum  & steel cans, foil containers
  • Place in break rooms, conference rooms and next to elevators
  • dimensions: 11.5”x 22”x 32”

ninety#5 NINETY (90 gallon)

ninety-six#6 NINETY‐SIX (96 gallon)

  • For Confidential Paper: see above for clean out instructions
  • has lock and slot opening on lid 
  • dimensions: 34”x 23”x 45”

battery binsBattery Bin

  • For any size dead batteries
  • Call for pick up when full, choose size:
  • small = 8.5 x 11 x 3
  • medium = gallon jub
  • large = 5 gallon bucket


email or click here for instructions

You will receive a box with a pre-paid shipping label to collect empty toner cartridges; once full, simply tape the box and ask your UPS driver to take it.

For a list of drop-off locations click here

For Xerox supplies (3-5 boxes) request the Eco Box from Xerox by clicking here


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