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finance and administration excellence

The Five Pillars of MUSC Excellence

MUSC is committed to pursuing excellence in patient care.  We are dedicated to making this a place for patients to get their health care, physicians to practice medicine and for our employees to work.  Our goal is to achieve satisfaction for both patients and employees. MUSC’s leaders are asking you to join in our journey towards MUSC Excellence.

This is how we are going to do it.  By now you must have heard that MUSC has contracted with The Studer Group to implement MUSC Excellence.  In March 2006, we launched our first leadership training sessions designed to help us hardwire the right behaviors, tools, and techniques and begin aligning our focus across MUSC.

The Studer Model consists of Five Pillars that provide the foundation for setting organizational goals for service and operational excellence.  Each of the five pillars for MUSC Excellence will each have organizational goals set by leadership and will focus on the following areas:


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