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The Nine Principles behind MUSC Excellence

9 principles of excellence

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The Nine Principles ® provide MUSC and our staff a step-by-step process to attain desired results.  The Nine Principles have been called a roadmap to help leaders navigate the journey to developing an excellence-based culture.

The following are the Nine Principles that will guide us on our journey to MUSC Excellence:

Principle #1: Commit to Excellence

 Employees feel valued
 Employees feel organization is the best
 Customers feel service is extraordinary

Principle #2: Measure the Important Things

 Define specific targets and tools for measuring
 Align necessary resources to hit the targets

Principle #3: Build a Culture Around Service
Ensure high quality and a caring environment for our patients by:

 Scripting behaviors
 Creating teams
 Teaching service recovery
 Developing standards of performance

Principle #4: Create and Develop Leaders

 Identification of current and future leaders
Development, training and equipping leaders in a cost-effective manner

Principle #5: Focus on Employee Satisfaction

 Acknowledge that each employee is critical to success of MUSC
Acknowledge that satisfied employees do a better job

Principle #6: Build Individual Accountability

 Creating a self-motivated workforce
 Changing attitudes from “renters” to “owners”

Principle #7: Align Behaviors with Goals and Values

 Use of leadership report cards and 90 day action plans to support the evaluation system, align leadership and resources for MUSC

Principle #8: Communicate at all Levels

 Use of “Managing Up” to create proactive behavior and improve working relationships
 Administration becomes viewed in more positive manner when employees feel they are getting the message

Principle #9: Recognize and Reward Success

 Never let Great work go unnoticed
 Create legends to establish real life examples for others to follow


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