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Thank You Notes Samples and Help

Thank you notes are a great way to recognize employees who exceed expectations. A personalized is note is a great way to validate for an employee that he/she is doing a great job. It also acts as positive reinforcement and will encourage people to keep up the great work. Re-recruite the high performers!

Do it right!

  • Single someone out. Always write your note to an individual, not a group. If several people were involved, why not send them each a note? Alternately, ask the note recipient to pass on your appreciation to the group.
  • Be authentic. Send notes to those who deserve it. Don't lessen the importance of a thank you note by sending it to someone who hasn't exceeded expectations.
  • Be specific. Be sure the note pertains to a specific event. "Hey, nice job." just doesn't cut it.
  • Timing is everything... Send the note as soon as possible. Write it while the event is fresh in your mind. The little details will add to the sincerity of the note.
  • Get to the point. Keep your note short, direct, and sincere.
  • Keep it personal. Yes, this is business, but this is an appropriate time to express your feelings. Of course, there's no need to be overly effusise.
  • Use your hands. Hand write the note and envelope. No one believes a form letter fresh off the printer and an email doesn't carry the same weight.
  • Send it home. Whenever possible, send the note directly to the employee's home. It makes a difference!

Composition 101

  • Date: upper right corner
  • Greeting: upper left of body
  • Body: Describe WHAT was done and WHY it was so special. Make sure to include the words "thank you".
  • Salutation: lower right of body

sample thank you note


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