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finance and administration excellence

F&A Rewards and Recognition Program - Employee of the Quarter Award

Use this form to nominate a staff member for the Finance and Administration Employee of the QuarterAward.  

Please note this award is for University Finance and Administration employees only.  If you are unsure if the nominee is an employee of the University Finance and Administration Division or if you have questions about this form, contact the Employee Recognition Award Manager.

When choosing a Pillar of service to which your candidate’s nomination applies, consider:
Service: How the candidate serviced the MUSC community that promoted the principal of excellence in service.
People: How the candidate demonstrated a commitment to people and employees of MUSC.
Quality: Explain the impact the candidate made on leadership development, coworkers and staff.
Finance: Describe the candidate's actions that demonstrated knowledge, skill, and ability to promote financial stability.
Growth: Describe a specific action the candidate took or has taken in the last quarter that demonstrates a commitment to growth.
Enter the details of your nomination above. Please be as descriptive as possible. The detail of a nomination is very important and its weight may determine if your nominee is a winner. When you are done click the SUBMIT button
Fields marked with * are required.

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