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Rewards and Recognition Program - PEER Postcard

The PEER Post Card Reward System allows coworkers to thank their peers for a job well done.  PEER cards are not intended to recognize an immediate supervisor.  Peers cards are employee Thank You Cards used by employees to recognize other employees after observing them practicing standards of behavior consistent with MUSC Excellence.  Employees who receive PEER cards may redeem them once a milestone has been attained.  To receive a PEER reward, cards must be turned in to HRM and validated.  Employees reaching a PEER milestone will receive the commensurate reward at the F&A Employee Rewards and Recognition Day event held the third Wednesday of each quarter.    The PEER Program is a graduated rewarding system that accumulates overtime.  All PEER cards must be remitted within the fiscal year received. 

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PEER Milestones are listed below:  

(3)  P.E.E.R. Postcard “receipts” = M.U.S.C. Excellence mug, MUSC Umbrella or Stainless Water Bottle

(9)  P.E.E.R. Postcard “receipts” =  $15 gift card

(15)  P.E.E.R. Postcard “receipts” =  $25 gift card

After the employee reaches 15 P.E.E.R. Postcard “receipts” he/she is eligible for the Cindy Garmon P.E.E.R. of the Year Award. 

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Note:  PEER Postcards can be obtained from your department Reward and Recognition Liaison. 


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