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finance and administration excellence

Communications Team

The Communication Team supports the F&A Excellence mission by disseminating vital MUSC Excellence information via Communication Board documents, email reminders, and web page updates.

Our goal is to make sure that all employees receive consistent and accurate communication about the MUSC Excellence process and the division’s progress.

The team monitors divisional Communication Boards each month and supports Board Managers by providing appropriate documents and encouraging employee recognition and spotlighting wins.

Team Leader - Loretta Sheridan - Engineering and Facilities - -  792-4292

Team Sponsor - Greg Weigle, Chief Engineering and Facilities Officer

Team MembersUnit
Caroline DavilaEngineering and Facilities
Betty BryantOperations
Jen UllumOperations
Jade KnappFinance
Aszerdee PowellFinance
Ranada RiversFinance
Toni WindhamOperations
Violetta IvanovaEngineering and Facilities
Pat Smith (web support)Finance

This Month's Communication Board Documents

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