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finance and administration excellence

Finance and Administration Service Excellence Teams

Service TeamCharterTeam Leaders

Ensure that both inspiration and information get passed throughout the Finance and Administration Division. 

Our goal is to make sure that all employees receive consistent and accurate communication about the MUSC Excellence process and the division’s progress.

Loretta Sheridan
Engineering and Facilities - 792-2725


Our goal is to develop leaders’ skills that enable the achievement of organizational goals. We want to align leader competencies with organizational values and focus, improve individual leadership performance and rekindle passion and commitment in all our employees. 

Robin Smith
Engineering and Facilities

Debbie Underwood


The Measurement Team will analyze customer satisfaction and quality data to identify strengths and weaknesses.  The Team will develop reports to be provided to unit managers that will form the basis for action plans that align resources to Service Excellence goals. 

Pat Smith,
Systems and Procedures

Rewards and Recognition

The Rewards & Recognition Committee (RRC) will assist in creating a culture of excellence within the Division of Finance and Administration by raising the level of employee satisfaction through an ongoing reward and recognition program.

The RRC will accomplish this by developing and maintaining an employee reward and recognition program where employees value, respect, and promote achievement of the organizations goals.

Michael Laird
Grants & Contracts Accounting

Sharon Williams
Controller's Office


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