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finance and administration excellence

Rewards and Recognition Team

The Rewards & Recognition Committee (RRC) will assist in creating a culture of excellence within the Division of Finance and Administration by raising the level of employee satisfaction through an ongoing reward and recognition program.

The RRC will accomplish this by developing and maintaining an employee reward and recognition program where employees value, respect, and promote achievement of the organizations goals.

Team Leaders - Michael Laird and Sharon Williams

Team Sponsor - Patrick Wamsley - Chief Financial Officer

 Team Member

 Work Area

Sylvia KellyFinance
Sarah WallFinance
Elizabeth Ann HerringOperations
Dwayne McMillanEngineering and Facilities
Bruce MillsEngineering and Facilities
Lt. John PlitschOperations
K. Gale O'NealOperations
Antonio WhiteEngineering and Facilities
*Joyce Oltmann (support)Operations
*Monique Robinson (support)Operations

*Support position - not a voting member


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