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  finance and administration

About Us

Our Organization Chart 

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Who We Are and What We Do

Budget and Analysis is a part of Finance and reports to the Controller.  We prepare the annual MUSC operating budget.  We also compile and submit the Detail Budget, which is incorporated into the Governor’s Executive Budget, the initiation of the annual legislative cycle for State Appropriations.  The Budget & Analysis Office serves the University, AHEC, senior management, Board of Trustees, external auditors, other Finance and Administration departments, and outside parties such as the State of South Carolina Office of State Budget and the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.

Our Goals

• Facilitate an efficient and effective budget process.

• Provide support to academic and institutional departments.

• Evolve the budget process in order to address changes occurring at the Medical University as well as changes in state higher education.

• Conduct comprehensive financial analyses of internal and external factors, activities, legislation, programs, etc., which affect the financial status of the Medical University.

• Assist senior management, deans, department heads, and business officers in ensuring that the University maintains a sound financial status and operates within the budget limitations established by the General Assembly and the Board of Trustees.

• Contribute to the accomplishment of the strategic objectives of the Medical University and the Division of Finance and Administration.


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