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Asset Accounting & Surplus

William Meggett, Manager
Suite 401 Harborview Tower
(843) 792-3058

Assets Accounting and Surplus is part of Property Control and we report to the Accounting Operations. 

The Asset Accounting Department is responsible for maintaining a perpetual inventory of all capitalized assets ($5,000 or more) belonging to the University. This function includes: providing asset reports, tagging equipment received, updating the master inventory database (AiM), scheduling the annual inventory verification process for all University departments, and assisting departments with any questions and/or issues related to their assets.

The Surplus Department is responsible for coordinating the removal and disposal of all surplus for/from University departments in accordance to the S.C. Code Ann. § 11-35-3810 and South Carolina Regulations § 19-455.2150. This includes all equipment (regardless of dollar value) that is still operable or beyond repair. University departments must follow established procedures for disposal and transfer of surplus to maintain accountability.

AiM (Fixed Asset Management Module) is the official master inventory database of the Medical University of South Carolina. The Fixed Asset Management Module in AiM allows all academic and administrative units to effectively track all of their capitalized assets (>$5,000) throughout the University. Access to the Fixed Asset Management Module in AiM is provided solely to Property Liaisons at the discretion of the Business Manager(s) approved by the Department Chair. Security Access forms can be found by clicking here.

Departments wishing to track assets under $5,000 (including IT equipment) may also utilize AiM to do so. Responsibility will be solely on the Department to input/maintain all assets under $5,000 in AiM.

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