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4-Sep-2013:Notice to Residents prior to 1-Jun-1996


At this time MUSC is still waiting for payment from the IRS for the Medical Resident FICA Claims. Residents will be notified as soon as any information is available.


(links are Acrobat icon PDF documents)

April, 2011:     Letter from Controller's Office to residents claiming refunds.

January, 2011:     Supreme Court Ruling this week (1/10/2011) does NOT impact refunds for 1995 - 2005

If you received IRS Letter 4610:

Clarification of IRS Letters concerning Medical Resident FICA

August 2, 2010 -
There is still time to submit your consent form.
Please complete the form and mail it in as soon as possible:

FICA Refund Claims Notice

FICA Employee Consent

About Us
Tax Compliance is part of the Controller's Office and reports to the Accounting Operations Director. We are responsible for issues related to tax law compliance, including sales and use taxes.  

We are also responsible for determining and documenting treaty status and benefits eligibility for U.S. nonresident status employees and students at the University.
The office is located in Suite 505 in Harborview Office Tower. 
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