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Direct Deposit of Accounts Payable Payments

 The AP-Direct Deposit Form and instructions are in the Forms Library located in the Left Menu Bar

Accounts Payable is pleased to offer electronic ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments to our vendors and staff members. Direct Deposit allows payments to be received faster and more efficiently.  Other advantages to our customers include: 
• Time saving (no more trips to the bank)
• Better cash management
• Notification of deposit
• Eliminates issues with lost or stolen checks


Is there a minimum amount for ACH payments?

Can my financial institution charge me for this service?
It depends on your financial institution. Check with your financial institution for specifics charges.

How long does the ACH enrollment process take?
It takes approximately one week to establish the electronic funds transfer process once the Direct Deposit Authorization Form is received.  The enrollee will continue to receive paper checks until the change is complete.

What should I do if I change account numbers or financial institutions?
To change an account number or financial institution, please complete another Direct Deposit Authorization Form; check the appropriate box (Change Account Number and/or Change Financial Institution) and submit the form.  Please note payments will be sent to the previous account until updated information is received.go to the top

Will I be notified when an ACH payment has occurred?
Yes. MUSC emails a remittance advice at the time the ACH payment is initiated.

With ACH payments, will my personal account information be secure?
Yes. ACH is a very confidential way to send and receive payments of all kinds.

What if I have a problem with an ACH payment?
For problems with an ACH payment, contact MUSC at (843) 792-5400.

Will MUSC be able to take money out of my account?
MUSC does have the ability to correct/reverse any ACH payment made in error.

How will I find out if an ACH payment has occurred?
The transaction should appear on your monthly bank statement. You may also be able to access this information on-line if your bank provides on-line access to your account.

Do I have to use a certain financial institution to participate in ACH payments?
No. Any United States financial institution that is a member of the ACH Network is acceptable. Please check with your financial institution as to whether direct deposits are acceptable because not all financial institutions participate in the ACH Network.

Will all of my payments be ACH?
Yes, once you have authorized MUSC to remit your payment by ACH, this option will stay in effect for all your accounts payable disbursements until you cancel the authorization.go to the top

How do I cancel my ACH payments?
To cancel ACH payments, please complete another Direct Deposit Authorization Form; check the appropriate box (Cancellation), complete Section -5 Cancellation and submit the form.
Once the cancellation has been invoked, the individual will begin receiving payments via paper checks.

Do I have to have a specific type of bank account to participate?
No. Checking and savings accounts can be used for ACH.

What is an ABA number?
The ABA number, also referred to as the bank routing number, is a nine-digit sequence used for identifying domestic financial institutions. The ABA number must be known to complete a domestic ACH payment. This number may be obtained from your financial institution.

Is the ABA number the same for an ACH, wire, or check?
The ABA number may vary for an ACH, wire or check. Contact your financial institution for accurate information.

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