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finance and administration
university disbursement services (payroll & accounts payable)

University Payroll - FAQs - Answers


Complete the Stop Direct Deposit Form. Fax the completed document to (843) 792-6157. It is critical that this information is sent to Payroll as soon as possible as we typically process payrolls 1 ½ weeks before actual payday.

Financial Institutions do not notify the Payroll Department when an individual closes their account unless it is after the fact and they received money. If the money goes to an account that has been closed, we must have written confirmation from the bank that the funds have been credited back to MUSC before we can reissue a check.

If your bank will not send/fax us a statement, then we must wait until we receive the credit which could take a week to ten days. Upon receipt of the credit we will request a check.


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