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Clinical Instruction

Clinical Instruction - Represents services for which direct patient care is rendered when degree candidates, interns, residents and fellows are present, but only the (time) effort that it would have taken the attending to provide the service if the previously mentioned housestaff and/or students were not present.

Examples (not all-inclusive):
- OR procedure: A case took 3 hours, but without the instructional component would have completed the case in 2 hours.  The 2 hour effort would be reported in Clinical Instruction, the 1 hour effort would be reported in Incremental Time.
- Supervision and instruction of housestaff in clinics.
- In-hospital rounds with housestaff as primary target.
- Includes clinical time spent with the patient.  However, the effort which goes above the time which the attending could have provided the same service without housestaff should be reported in Incremental Time.
- Does include clinical activities located at other non-MUSC hospitals with the exception of VA 8ths.


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