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Other University Activities

Other University Activities - All activities of an institution that are not specifically assigned to Sponsored & University Projects, Cost Share, Clinical/Housestaff Instruction, Clinical Services, Hospital Administration, and/or Classroom Instruction such as:

  • Department-Supported Research - Research activities that are not sponsored, consequently not separately budgeted and accounted.  This would include research effort allowed by a department and funded through the department's general funds, such as seed money, start-up funds or interim funding.
  • Departmental Administration - Administrative and supporting activities that benefit common or joint departmental activities in the deans' offices, academic departments, divisions and organized research units.  Includes effort for proposal development.  Some examples of employees included in this category are:  Chairs, Division Directors, Research Directors, Business Managers and Secretarial/Clerical staff.
  • General Administration - Activities that benefit the general executive and administrative functions of the University and other activities of general character which do.
  • Student Services - Activities that are established for the primary purpose of contributing to a student's emotional and physical well-being and to the intellectual, cultural and social development outside the context of the formal instruction program, i.e., student activities, cultural events, student newspapers, intramural activities, etc.
  • Service/Recharge Centers - Effort devoted to any of the official University service or recharge centers, such as lab animal, university transportation, media services, print shop.
  • Other - Other activities of an institution that are not specifically assigned to any other category, such as development, fund-raising, public relations, rare book collections and any activities or costs that are "unallowable" to sponsored agreements.

Examples (not all-inclusive):
- Department-supported research activities funded by non-sponsored/unrestricted funds.
- Research proposal development.
- Administrative activities related to department, college, and/or University committees.
- Administrative activities related to  department, college, and/or University activities which cannot be directly associated with a specific Sponsored/University research project, clinical/housestaff activities, or clinical services.
- Activities related to student services/committees (cultural events, student newspapers, intramural activities, etc.) which are outside of instruction-related programs.
- Activities related to any of the official MUSC service or recharge centers (contact GCA at 792-2850 for further information).
- Sabbatical leave.


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