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Sponsored And University Projects

Sponsored & University Projects means all Organized Research, which is separately budgeted and funded internally (e.g., HSF awards or URC awards) or funded by agencies external to the institution, including sponsored research, research training, and sponsored instruction. In addition to the direct effort spent on a sponsored project, this would include time spent administering a sponsored research project, for example, writing the technical report. Includes grants and contracts projects, Health Sciences Foundation projects, and University Research Council projects.

Examples (not all-inclusive):
- Sponsored (Grant/Contract) activities (UDAK project number begins with 8 or 69).
- Health Science Foundation activities  (UDAK reporting code begins with 51).
- University Research Council activities (UDAK reporting code begins 41).
- Does not include Department-Supported Research activities - Departmental Research activities are internally funded by non-sponsored/unrestricted funds and must be reported under the "Other University Activities" category.


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