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university purchasing

Purchasing Card (PCard) Program

Sarah Wall is the PCard Coordinator


Get a Purchasing Card

Application Process

Register for Training
 PCard Test
 PCard Forms

Using the Purchasing Card

Flowchart of Events

Keeping PCard Records

What You Can Buy With The PCard

What You Cannot Buy With The PCard

ViolationsExemptions and Exceptions

Splitting Transactions

Allocating Transactions in Works

Tax or no Tax?

Membership Guidelines

 How to Use the PCard in the MUSC Marketplace eProcurement System

Purchasing Card FAQs

When and How do I turn in my PCard?
What If I have a dispute?
And the answers to many more questions....

User Reference Tools

Billing Cycle Posting Dates

PCard Manual

View the billing cycle posting dates for posting transactions to SmartStream

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