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Purchasing Card (PCard) Program - Allocating Transactions

Using the Purchasing CardAllocating Transactions

The Works system is available every day.  You can allocate your purchase transactions to the appropriate UDAKusing the electronic billing distribution feature in the system as often as you like.  Your document control form and receipts should be matched to incoming transactions in Works. (you will receive training on allocating transactions when you receive your Pcard.)

The monthly billing cycle closes on the 27th of each month.  The cycle will close on the Friday before the 27th of a month if the 27th falls on a weekend.

Transactions must be approved within one to two work days after the billing cycle ends.

The Works system file will close approximately on the 30th of each month.    The PCard Administrator will notify department liaisons a week in advance of the exact date the file will be closed for processing.   A calendar of posting and billing periods is available in the 'user reference tools' section of our web page.

User Reference ToolsP Card Manual

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