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P Card - Test

MUSC Purchasing Card Test
Please complete all the questions in the test. In order to obtain a purchasing card all of the questions on the test must be answered correctly. When you have completed the test, click the submit button and your test will be forwarded to the Pcard Administrator. You will be notified by E-mail of your score.

BEGIN THE TEST (Do not skip any questions)
1. Purchasing Cards are beneficial tools for all of the following reasons EXCEPT: (5 pts)
2. A purchasing card issued to an individual can be used by: (5 pts)
3. Before making any purchases with a purchasing card, a cardholder should: (5 pts)
4. For convenience, cardholders are advised to post their account number on their office
telephone or bulletin board. (3pts)
5. Proper documentation for every transaction must be attached to a cardholder’s monthly bank statement.
All of the following are acceptable forms of documentation EXCEPT: (5 pts)
6. Inappropriate or fraudulent use of the purchasing card may result in which of the following: (5 pts)
7. If a cardholder discovers his or her purchasing card has been lost or stolen, who should
the cardholder call FIRST? (5 pts)
8. MUSC is exempt from paying sales and use tax: (3 pts)
9. Which of the following is an acceptable method of receiving credit when merchandise is returned: (5 pts)
10. All of the following are responsibilities of the purchasing card department liaison EXCEPT: (5pts)
11. You need to place an order with a vendor which will total $2700. 00. You would: (5pts)
12. Cardholders are required to obtain sales slips, register receipts, invoices or other approved documentation for every purchase? (3 pts)
13. Before returning damaged or incorrect shipments a cardholder should: (5 pts)
14. Assuming all items are within your purchasing card single transaction limit, can you purchase the following items: (2 pts each)
a. Flowers for a hospitalized co-worker*
b. Professional Journal Subscriptions for Faculty or Staff*
c. Coffee supplies for the office staff*
d. Airline tickets for a University employee to attend a work-related conference*
e. Hotel room charges*
f. A replacement for the office’s broken microwave*
g. Registration fee for a conference*
h. Supplies from Staples for official office use*
i. Pay a consultant for services provided to the Department*
15. What required information is missing from the register receipt below? (5 pts)
16. The PCard can be used to pay for transactions with other MUSC departments: (3 pts)
17. For auditing purposes, cardholders are required to do all of the following EXCEPT: (5 pts)
18. Purchasing card audits are conducted: (5 pts)
19. When terminating employment with MUSC who should the cardholder contact regarding his or her purchasing card? (5 pts)
WARNING: If you click the "Reset Form" button, all of your answers will be deleted from this form and you will have to start over!

If you are satisfied with your answers, please click the "Submit-the-test" button below. Your test will be forwarded to the P-card Coordinator. Thank you for taking the P-card test.

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