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Purchasing Card (PCard) Program - Split Transactions

Using the Purchasing CardSplitting Transactions 
What constitutes a 'split transaction?
Multiple transactions to the same vendor on the same day when the combined total of the orders exceed the Purchasing Card transaction limit of $2,500 is considered splitting purchase transactions. Whether the action is intentional or not, it is a violation of the SC Procurement Code.

Split transaction violations will be addressed according to policy and procedure recommended by audit and defined in the Purchasing Card Manual.
EXAMPLE OF A SPLIT TRANSACTION: Several transactions to one vendor in a day >$2,500 is absolutely not allowed. The use of different UDAK's/projects, or researchers requests in the same day would be considered as split a transaction.

How should multiple transactions to the same vendor on the same day be processed?

There are two types of orders used at the Medical University for repetitive orders. The requesting department would submit a requisition for either a blanket or standing order request. The University Procurement Specialist will process the request assigning a purchase order number.  The following is an explanation of the two types of orders used for multiple transactions:

Blanket Orders: A blanket Purchase Order is a simplified method of filling repetitive needs for small quantities of supplies or services with qualified sources. Blanket Purchase Orders are designed to reduce administrative costs in accomplishing small purchases by eliminating the need for issuing individual orders. The blanket order will be identified by "B" - for Blanket Order, "A" - Alpha character for the month the blanket order expires - "00" calendar year the order expires, and four numerical characters "1234", example of Blanket Order number - BA001234. This number will be shown on Finance stream in the purchase order stage as an encumbrance.When a release is processed against a Blanket Order, the release number will be one alpha and two numeric characters used after the Blanket Order number - example BA001234A00. All releases will be encumbered against the Blanket Order number. The only release number that can be used is the one alpha and two numeric characters "A-Z" and "00-99" for a total of 2600 releases per Blanket Order.

Standing Orders: A Standing Blanket Order is used by a requesting department when a specified quantity is to be delivered at a specified set time, the requesting department would set up a specified delivery schedule with specific quantities to be delivered on a specific day, week etc... Also, when utilizing a standing blanket order, the department does not call "release" orders as against a blanket order. Will be identified by the Alpha character "S" - for Standing Blanket, "A" - Alpha for the Character month the Standing Order expires, "00" calendar year the order expires and four numerical characters - "1234". An example of a Standing Blanket Order number would be: SA001234.

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