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MUSC prefers that you use your purchasing card for payment.  You may have your UPS account set up to have all shipments billed to one particular card or to have shipments billed to different purchasing cards.

A department wants to ship all packages under one UPS Shipper Number, but needs those shipments to be billed to different purchasing cards.

  • Shipper should choose to have shipments billed directly to the specific purchasing card that they would like to use - not to their UPS Account Number.  This can be done in InternetShip, CampusShip and on Air Shipping Documents.  (This cannot be done through Worldship, as all shipments in Worldship bill to the UPS Account Number)
  • UPS will bill each shipment as a separate charge to the indicated purchasing card.  No UPS invoice will be provided. 
  • Example: Shipper sends out 10 packages in one week, each at $5.  Purchasing card will be billed for 10 separate charges at $5 each.  These charges will show as separate line items on purchasing card statement.
  • Shipper does not need to contact UPS Credit Card Team to set this up.  This can be set up by the individual user in CampusShip or InternetShip.  For step-by-step instructions, shippers may contact Tech Support at CampusShip 800-513-1819 or InternetShip 877-289-6418 and ask for assistance setting up their shipping system to bill shipments directly to a credit card (not to their UPS Account).

A department wants all shipments that are sent out under a single shipper number to bill to one particular purchasing card.  THIS SHOULD BE DONE ONLY IF YOU ARE CERTAIN YOUR UPS ACCOUNT NUMBER IS NOT SHARED WITH YOUR DEPARTMENT.

  • Shipper should choose to have shipments billed to their UPS Account Number (either in CampusShip, Worldship, Internet Ship or using Air Shipping Documents)
  • UPS will provide a weekly statement that will show all shipments billed to this account number.  Purchasing card will be billed once per week for the total amount of this invoice.
  • Example:  Shipper sends out 10 packages in one week, each at $5.  UPS invoice will show each shipment and will show a total amount of $50.  Purchasing card will be automatically billed for one $50 total.
  • To move from current consolidated payment plan to payment via Credit Card, shipper should call UPSer Debbie Hallum at 559-651-7690 x 7692, provide their UPS Shipper Number and advise Debbie that they would like to be removed from their current consolidated payment plan and would like to pay all invoices automatically via purchasing card going forward.  Debbie will take their purchasing card information and make this change.  Shipper should also verify their billing address with Debbie, as they will now receive the weekly UPS statement at their office location.  If changes need to be made to the billing address, Debbie can make those changes as well. 

If you do not use a purchase card, your charges will come through each week to Purchasing/Accounts Payable, via an electronic file.  Default udaks will be used unless you indicate an alternate number in Reference Field #1 in “Create a Shipment.”


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