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Vendor Information - How Blanket Orders Work

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All orders placed by MUSC are required to have Purchase Order Numbers under which to ship and invoice.  Blanket Orders and their corresponding releases are used by many departments for recurring orders of the same product or service.  The following information will make shipping and receiving payment for "blanket order items" easier for you and us.

Telephone: 843-792-4521 - Fax: 843-792-3884

Using Blanket Orders

A Medical University of South Carolina Blanket Order Number consists of nine(9) or ten(10) characters. This Blanket Order Number, along with a two(2) character release number MUST be shown on each invoice and shipment.  An example of a Blanket Order is BF001234 or BF001234W.

Each time a request for supplies/services is processed against this Blanket Order, your firm will be given a Blanket Order number and the two(2) character release number for the request. Example: first release would be shown on invoices/shipments as BF001234A00. Second release would be BF001234A01. When all "A" sequence release numbers have been used (A00-A99), then a new release sequence (B00-B99), (C00-C99), etc... would be used. A total of two thousand six hundred(2600) releases may be used per Blanket Order.

Invoices received in Accounts Payable, without the eleven(11) or twelve(12) character Blanket Order number will delay payment. Any shipment not referencing the blanket order number will delay processing of the receiving information necessary for payments to be made.

Help with Blanket Orders

For questions about the use of Blanket Orders, please contact the Procurement Specialist listed in the lowerleft hand corner of your Blanket Order at the telephone number listed.


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