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Solicitations and Awards - Solicitations List

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This page contains a list of open solicitations for MUSC.  Please contact the purchasing officer listed by item for questions.
If you plan to submit a response to any solicitation on this list, please send a mail message using the email link next to the solicitation description to have your company added to our mailing list for any future amendments. Your email message should include the solicitation number, company name, address, phone number, email address and your vendor number (if you know it).

Information for Vendors at the State of SC Procurement Information Center

document IDdescriptionresponsible purchasing official
RFQ4904-10/7/14-9475-IFurnish and Deliver One(1) - 1000 Gallon Diesel Fuel Transfer Service TrailerDebra Cannon
4899-8/28/14-9473-ITerm Contract for Sprinkler Repairs at the Medical University of South CarolinaDebra Cannon
Amendment 1
Brokerage Services for Directors and Officers Insurance for the Medical University of South CarolinaDebra Cannon
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Amendment 3
Amendment 4
Professional Janitorial Services for the Medical University of South CarolinaDebra Cannon

Amendment 1

Ammendment 2

Term Contract to Provide Employee and Student Background Checks (
Debra Cannon

RFQ 4898-07/25/14-5339-Z

Amendment #1

Sony Camcorders, Anchor-Audio Admirl Portable Lectern, Liberty Basic, Microboards Blu-Ray Tower

Vertelle Seabrook


RFQ 4903-09/10/14-5340-ZCN70 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computers, Desktop Dock

Vertelle Seabrook


RFQ 4902-8/28/14-2791-GBD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer


Sylvia Kelly




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