SmartStream Request for Security Access

Note: A form with original signatures must be submitted for each applicant.  All fields must be completed.

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All system security is assigned as inquiry only unless other security is requested below:
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Financial Information Systems Employee Confidentiality Agreement
I understand that these systems contain information that may be sensitive and/or confidential, and that access to the system is granted by the Security Administrator(s) solely for the purpose of conducting University business.  I also understand that this information is to be used only for legitimate internal business of the above-referenced department and it to be provided only to those University employees who have a need to know this information in order to perform their duties and responsibilities.  Any and all information for which I have been approved access to may not be released to anyone outside the department.  Access to this information carries with it an obligation to develop an understanding of its meaning before it is used or interpreted in any manner; therefore, my misuse or misinterpretation of the information is solely my responsibility.

Inherent in using the SmartStream system is the obligation to protect it from access by unauthorized individuals.  I understand that passwords and access procedures must be secured, and that the system should not be left on during even brief absences from the workstation.  I agree that any output or the file created from these systems will be properly secured and discarded online a manner which fully protects its confidentiality. By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that if I violate this agreement, either intentionally or through my negligence, I may be subject of disciplinary action up to and including possible termination from the University, depending on the nature and severity of the infraction.

Applicant signature:_______________________________________________________      Date:___________

As department chair/head, I hereby authorize the Applicant to have the above-referenced SmartStream security access.  I certify that the Applicant has completed the required SmartStream training and possesses the knowledge and expertise to correctly perform the activities for which security access has been requested. By signing this agreement, I accept responsibility for notifying the Security Administrator in a timely manner if this individual terminates or transfers to another department.

Signature:____________________________ Name & Title:     Date:___________

Note: If applicant is the department chair/head, approval must be by the Applicant's manager; business managers may not approve security access requests.
Send completed request to:   Systems and Procedures, MSC_824 (408 Harborview Tower)     

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Form FSM-001(online), Rev.6/21/2007