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Thanksgiving Holiday Alternate Employee Parking

On Thanksgiving Day, November 26, and the day after Thanksgiving, November 27, Mail Services, the Office of Parking Management, and University Transportation Services will be closed. Employees who are required to work on these holidays are invited to park in one of the following employee parking facilities: 

  • President Street parking garage (PGII/E Lot), 91 President Street
  • Bee Street parking garage (PGVII/A Lot), corner of Bee & Courtenay
  • Courtenay Drive garage (PG V/K Lot), Charleston Center Drive

Child Safety Update 

Scheduled Parking Rates To Increase July 1, 2015

Occasional Parker Program

The MUSC Office of Parking Management's Occasional Parker Program is a pay-as-you-go program that provides an on-campus parking option for employees and students who have only an occasional need to park in the MUSC parking System. Example: an individual who usually commutes by mass transit but needs to drive a few times per month.
Individuals may purchase up to 5 day-passes in advance each month for the President St. Garage.
The cost of each pass is $5.
The primary parking location for this program is PGII. Other locations may be available based on where spaces are available.
Visit the Office of Parking Management (OPM) to purchase passes.
Passes should be purchased prior to entering the garage.  Passes for the President St. Garage for same day use may be purchased at the President St. Garage attendant’s booth.
Purchased passes are refundable if returned unused within the current parking year.
NOTE: There are a limited number of day passes sold per location on a daily basis.  Day passes for the Courtenay Dr. Garage are not being sold at this time.



To help members of the MUSC community and MUSC customers obtain services and solutions for their MUSC-related parking and transit needs.


The Office of Parking Management’s vision is to effectively carry out its leadership role in the university’s on-going effort to create a parking system which meets the university’s myriad and complex needs.

Recognizing that this is a long-term process, the Office of Parking Management’s over-riding vision is to operate the parking system in such a way that all customers are served in a helpful , balanced, prompt, effective, efficient, respectful and courteous way.

This can be done by providing services as requested where reasonable and possible to do so; by providing alternate solutions; by providing education and information about the parking system which helps the customer meet his or her needs; and, always, by providing attentive, prompt, and courteous service to each customer.

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