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MUSC Carpool Program Information

MUSC Carpool Program Information:

MUSC and Trident Rideshare have joined together to promote alternate use of transportation in the hope that MUSC employees, students, faculty, and staff will find others living in close proximity with similar schedules with whom they can create carpools.  Carpooling improves air quality and conserves energy; reduces traffic and relieves parking congestion; cuts vehicle wear and tear; reduces gasoline consumption, insurance and parking costs; provides an opportunity to make friends; reduces the stress of commuting alone, and carpoolers enjoy preferred parking in the MUSC parking system.

Basics for Forming a New Carpool Group

These guidelines address the formation of a new carpool and the assignment of a parking space to support the formation of the carpool group.

  • A carpool group consists of two or more registered members who are full-time employees or students of MUSC and its entities.
  • Registered members must work compatible day-shift schedule on MUSC's main campus and live in households located along a commuting path that is compatible with carpooling.
  • Applications for an assignment under the provisions of the carpool program are subject to the review and approval of the director of the Office of Parking Management.
  • Approved carpool groups will be assigned a space in one of several employee parking locations. 

Carpool Rules

All members of carpool groups must register with OPM. Participants may register at any time of the year. A one-time registration fee applies. The monthly fee for parking will be the per-space monthly fee that is charged for the use of the facility. 
One carpool permit and one access card are issued for each carpool group. Carpool participants are required to re-register with OPM annually. Re-registration occurs between Aug. 1 and Sept. 30. Renewed carpool permits must be displayed by Oct. 1.
One member shall be designated as the carpool owner and will be responsible for paying by payroll deduction the monthly parking fee. The carpool rider(s) will share the cost of the parking space and other commuting expenses as they see fit. 

Carpool members may request a preferred parking location in one of several employee parking lots or garages. OPM will make the assignment in one of the employee parking locations based on space availability.

To support medical appointments and other personal needs of carpool participants, each participant has the authorization to park in the Hagood parking system. Employees who already have an MUSC parking assignment and who wish to form a carpool are eligible for this program. An employee who participates in a carpool and gives up his personal MUSC parking space to do so will receive an OPM parking coupon booklet containing 12 day passes, good for one year, for courtesy parking in a specified on-campus parking location.  His/her personal parking space will be returned to him/her should the carpool dissolve. 

Space-sharing, where employees are not riding together but each is using the parking space on different days, is not an authorized form of space utilization and does not constitute a carpool. As a carpool two riders must arrive together at the carpool space at least 90% of the time. 

All participants in a carpool program are required to register and provide a work or class schedule from their supervisor or dean with Parking Management as members of the carpool group. The sharing of a parking decal with an employee who is not registered is not allowed  [and may result in a citation being issued or loss of privileges.]

Cancellation Requirements

If an MUSC carpool dissolves, the employee named as the owner of the carpool space should notify OPM immediately. Unless new riders are identified and registered to participate in the carpool, the carpool parking space will be relinquished. Payroll deductions will continue until the carpool parking permit and parking access card are returned to OPM.



The Trident Rideshare website is a safe place where MUSC employees, students, faculty and staff enter basic information for matching purposes.



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