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Employee Parking Services


The MUSC Office of Parking Management (OPM) is committed to providing a choice of parking services designed to meet the variety of needs of MUSC’s employees, students, patients and visitors. OPM offers several parking options, and has implemented a myriad of parking programs in an effort to meet the needs of our customers. The completion of the Bee St. Garage (A-lot) in September, 2008 expanded the MUSC parking system by 1,500 spaces. We now have more options to offer employees than ever before.

The information contained herein was organized with the objective of exploring different MUSC employee parking opportunities, and with the expectation that one of the available options will satisfy your parking requirement.

Employee Parking LocationsEmployee Rates
Park and Ride ProgramAfter-Hours Program
MUSC CarpoolPrivate Parking Facilities
Occasional Parker ProgramHSC Members
Parking While on Campus in Visitor/Patient CapacityWaiting Lists for Monthly-Contract Assignment
Emergency Call-Back Parking ProvisionsCheck Your Waiting List Status

Annual Parking Renewal

Additional Parking Options
(CARTA, bike to work, etc.)

Annual Parking Renewal
Online renewal of annually expiring employee decals and permits is generally held mid to late summer through the middle of September with walk-in renewals continuing through the end of September.  Exact start date is announced via broadcast email.  New decals/hang tags should be displayed no later than the first week-day in October.  This renewal/re-registration applies to the following groups: 
Employee Parking Locations

There are approximately 30 employee parking locations in the reserved parking system. A list of parking locations is available online. If you wish to be added to a waiting list, contact OPM and the parking staff will be happy to assist you. Once added to the waiting list you can check your waiting list status at anytime by visiting Currently there are several vacancies in the parking system in selected on-campus and off campus facilities*, and while openings remain we are able to offer you a reserved parking assignment immediately.

If you require special parking arrangements due to a short-term or ongoing medical condition, please contact the Office of Parking Management at (843) 792 - 3665 to explore the options available to disabled parkers.

Waiting Lists for Monthly-Contract Assignment

  • Any employee who is interested in a reserved assignment to a particular lot or garage should contact OPM to be added to the waiting list for that facility.
  • There are two waiting lists for each lot that assignments are made from: the faculty list and the classified employee list.
  • Once added to the waiting list you can check your waiting list status at anytime by visiting   Enter the first letter of your first name, your last name and the last five (5) digits of your MUSC Employee ID. A list will be generated displaying all waiting lists that you have signed up for with the date you signed up.

What’s Needed for Registration

Please bring the following items when you visit OPM to register for parking:

  • State vehicle registration certificate or copy. If you have multiple vehicles, please provide certificates for each.
  • Payment for the current month's parking fee, any applicable pro-rated charges for the following month, and a $20 registration fee if you are a new registrant or are transferring from the Hagood System.
  • Completed registration form and payroll form.

Employee Parking Rates 

As of July 1, 2013 new parking rates, based on salary, went into effect.  For more information see the Five Year Schedule of Increases and FY17 Rate Summary.  This rate schedule does not take into consideration any possible subsidies offered by MUHA.  

The Hagood Park and Ride Program

The Hagood Park and Ride Program provides free parking on a first-come, first-served basis.  The Hagood system consists of the gravel lot on Fishburne Street between Hagood Avenue and Line Street (800 spaces),  45 spaces on Spring Street between Crosby’s Seafood and the Best Western, and 175 spaces on Line Street.  Parking is not guaranteed. If availability causes a conflict with your schedule, we urge you to consider reserved parking.

Employee After-Hours Parking Program

The Employee After-Hours Parking Program provides safe, convenient, and affordable parking services from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, and 24 hours on weekends and certain holidays in the Rutledge Tower, President Street, and Courtenay Drive employee garages.  There is a $20 annual registration fee for participants who do not utilize the reserved parking system; vehicle registration certificate and employee ID badge is also required.

The after-hours program is not designed to coincide with any particular employee shift or schedule or to replace a personal parking arrangement should work hours extend beyond 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. Anyone entering the facility outside of the hours designated for the After-Hours program will incur a fee based on the parking rate of $.75 per half hour. Employees who need to be on duty by 4:30 p.m. and who need parking support should consider participating in the monthly-contract employee parking program.  

Emergency Call-Back Parking Provisions

Typically, neither employees nor students are allowed to park in patient facilities except when at MUSC in patient or visitor capacity. There are instances when employees must return to campus at night or on weekends in response to patient related emergencies. The Office of Parking Management is aware of this situation, and has made provisions for physicians and residents called back on emergency to park in the Jonathan Lucas Street garage.

Please differentiate between ON-CALL parking and EMERGENCY CALL-BACK parking. Only employees called back to campus to attend to a patient related emergency are allowed to park in the Jonathan Lucas Street garage 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and 24 hours Saturday and Sunday. Employees who are on-call must park in their designated parking location.


Parking While at the Harper Student Center

Convenient parking is one of the many benefits provided to MUSC employees and students who are members of the Harper Student Center. Please familiarize yourself with the following parking options, and the next time you visit HSC for a workout don’t forget to exercise your privileges. HSC Parking.

Parking While on Campus in Visitor/Patient Capacity

Employees are permitted to park in patient/visitor facilities when they are visiting the hospital in patient or visitor capacity.

As a patient in a clinic, the employee is entitled to have their facility ticket validated by the clinic in which they were a patient. The patient pays the first two hours of parking. The hospital will pay any cost in excess of the first two hours with validation. Failure to have the facility ticket validated will result in the patient/employee being responsible for all fees incurred while parked. Validated parking is authorized only for the time of the medical visit.

As a visitor to the hospital, the employee is responsible for fees, $.75 per half hour, incurred while visiting a patient or the $6 all-day rate for a family member.

Parking Citation Appeals

City of Charleston parking citations issued on the MUSC Campus may be appealed at the MUSC Office of Parking Management at the following times: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.  Citations issued to patients or patient families may be appealed at any time during the business day.

Additional Parking Options

  • If you find that a monthly parking contract is not beneficial, but you do have the need to park on campus occasional, please consider the Occasional Parker Program. This pay-as-you-go program provides an on-campus parking option for employees and students by allowing them to purchase up to 5 day passes per month. The passes are $5 each, and the purchase price is refundable if the passes are returned unused within the same parking year.
  • Parking assistance for temporarily disabled employees.  When employees are experiencing medical complications or complications with their pregnancies and need temporary assistance with personal parking, the MUSC Office of Parking Management is prepared to help.  The application for temporary parking assistance must be accompanied by a temporary disability form completed by the employee’s treating physician.
  • Please feel free to take advantage of the MUSC Car pool.
  • There are several private parking locations near campus.
  • Let’s not forget about CARTA! MUSC employees and students can ride any CARTA bus, including the CARTA EXPRESS, free with their MUSC ID badge.  You can check out CARTA and CARTA Express routes and schedules via their website  If you live on the peninsula, consider riding your bicycle / motorcycle to work (available bicycle/motorcycle parking locations).

Note: Employees are encouraged to read the MUSC Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations. Familiarity with these guidelines will help employees understand the MUSC parking system and have a trouble-free parking experience.

*On-Campus - Bee Street Garage (A-lot)  located at 122 Bee St.
*Off-Campus - Lockwood Dr. surface lot, and the Harborview Tower Garage located at 19 Hagood Ave.





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