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Employee Parking Facilities



A-LOT Bee Street Garage 122 Bee Street, at the intersection of Courtenay and Bee St. $70 and up per month
B-LOT Ashley Rutledge Parking Garage - PRIMARILY FOR PATIENTS AND VISITORS158 Ashley Ave. - Entrances on Ashley and Rutledge Avenues$70 and up per month
E-LOTPGII Employee Parking Garage Located at the intersection of President and Bee St. $70 and up per month
F-LOTDepartmental Lots (Worksite based)Various Locations $70 and up per month
GG-LOTSurface Lot (Worksite based)274 Calhoun St. / Anderson Properties $70 and up per month
H-LOTHCC Lot  (Worksite based)Located at the intersection of Barre St. and Calhoun St. $70 and up per month

PGI Parking Garage

Located at the intersection of President St. and Jonathan Lucas St. $70 and up per month
I-LOTSurface Lot - Employee and Valet (Worksite based)295 Calhoun St. Entrance on Halsey Blvd, behind the building $70 and up per month
J-LOTWellness Center Garage - Wellness Center Members OnlyAt the intersection of Courtenay Dr. and Ralph H. Johnson Dr. $70 and up per month
JJ-LOTSurface Lot - Patient/Visitor Parking57 Bee St. $70 and up per month
K-LOTPatient/Visitor and Employee Parking GarageCourtenay Dr. $70 and up per month
KK-LOTSurface Lot  (Worksite based)59 Bee St. located at the intersection of Courtenay Dr. and Bee St. $70 and up per month
L-LOTHarborview Tower Garageentrances off of Hagood Ave. $45 and up prt month 
LL-LOTCannon Park Place (Worksite based)Calhoun St. (behind Rite-Aid building)$70 and up per month
M-LOTSurface Lot165 Cannon St. - Entrance off of Courtenay Dr. $70 and up per month
QQ-LOTCannon St Surface Lot (Worksite based) 155 Spring St. (across from 135 Cannon)$70 and up each month
RR-LOTSurface Lot (Short-term parking)55 Bee Street $70 and up per month
S-LOTSurface Lot, Sebring-Aimar House  (Worksite based)Entrance at the intersection of Sabin St. and Ashley Ave. $70 and up per month
T-LOTHagood Commuter Gravel Lot Entrances off of Hagood Ave and Lockwood Dr. Free of Charge 
V-LOTSurface Lot, Public Safety Building Entrance off of Doughty St. $70 and up per month
W-LOTRutledge Tower Parking Garage 144 Rutledge Ave.$70 and up per month
X-LOTSurface Lot (Worksite based)162 Ashley Ave $70 and up per month
Y-LOTVALET PARKINGAdjacent to  W-Lot, at the intersection of Calhoun St. and Rutledge Ave PRICE POSTED AT LOCATION
Z-LOTSurface Lot 30 Bee St.

Patient Parking Only


*  Parking rates are based on salary tiers.  Tier one starts at $70 per month and goes up from there.  Off-campus parking rates start at $45 for bus-riders and go up from there.  The off-campus parking rate does not include any possible subsidies offered by MUHA.




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