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Students and employees who wish to use the park and ride system must register with the MUSC Office of Parking Management to obtain a hang tag.  We are located at 91 President Street (second floor of the employee parking garage). The hang tag authorizes its holder to park in any commuter parking location on a space-available basis.  Parking in the commuter parking system is not  guaranteed. The lots typically fill up early.  Students and employees are encouraged to consider CARTA ( and other parking and transportation options such as MUSC’s carpool matching ( ) in conjunction with the Hagood hang tag.  Hang tags are valid for the parking year, October 1-September 30.

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Parking Locations

  • Fishburne Street between Hagood Avenue and Line Street (800 spaces).
  • Spring Street, between Best Western, Charleston and Crosby’s Seafood (45 spaces).
  • Line Street (175 spaces).

More About the Park and Ride System

Cost: There is no charge for parking or transportation services for those using the commuter system.

Bus Service: All commuter parking locations are served by the campus shuttle bus. Printed bus schedules may be obtained from the Office of Parking Management and from various information desks across campus.

Security and Parking Enforcement: The MUSC Department of Public Safety staffs the Fishburne Street parking lot during all hours of operation.  MUSC patrols the Line Street, Ballpark and Spring Street locations several times each day.  Parking is authorized only at spaces marked by a wheel stop. (Exception: In the Fishburne Street lot vehicles may park on the east side of the parking lot along the tree line.) Creation of a parking space at the end of a row or on a curb or island even when there may appear to be room for it, may result in a parking citation being issued. Parking is prohibited on sidewalks, on the grass, in the city’s right of way and in the area of the main lot which is designated as city parking only. The city may tow vehicles which are parked in these areas.               

To Avoid a Parking Citation:

  • Park only in areas for which you are authorized.
  • Should you forget to display your hang tag while parked in Hagood or are driving a substitute vehicle for the day, please call your vehicle into OPM. If the office is closed, leave a message on audix. Please leave your name, the vehicle make/model, license tag number and the lot in which you are parked.
  • If you have parking questions or need special assistance in parking, call Parking Management, 792-3665.

Please click here for a  brochure of this information.


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