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finance and administration

Private Parking Facilities

26 Bee StreetKit Regnery843-576-0120$100 each month26 Bee St.
Calhoun StreetCraig Bennett843-577-2155$200 each monthCalhoun St.
Hominy Grill

Robert Graves

843-478-6662$60 each month

105/109 Cannon St.

216 Rutledge


843-577-7732$100 each month

216 Rutledge Ave.

Palmetto ParkingEric843-958-9556

$100 each month

100 President St.

St. Mark's Episcopal ChurchDr. Dan Messier843-722-0267$60 each month

16 Thomas St.

16 Bee StreetMatt Hutto803-429-5444$100 each month16 Bee St.
RoadsteadBrook Griffin843-442-4481$100 each month144 Cannon Street

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