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Traffic and Parking Regulations

STATUTORY AUTHORITY:  1976 CODE SECTIONS 56-21-10 to 56-21-60
Pursuant to the South Carolina Code of Laws


General Motor Vehicle Regulations

83-1        Traffic and Parking Regulations; Introduction
83-2        Parking Areas
83-3        Campus Speed Limits
83-4        Parking Prohibited
83-5        Vehicle Breakdowns
83-6        Removing and Impounding Vehicles
83-7        Parking for Motorcycles and Motor Scooters and Bicycles
83-8        The Definition and Meaning of “Park”
83-9        Application of Laws


Motor Vehicle Registration

83-20    Introduction
83-21    Who Must Register
83-22    Registration Fees
83-23    Requirements
83-24    New Decals or Keys
83-25    Car Pools
83-26    Service Vehicles
83-27    Reserved Parking


Violations, Penalties and Bonds

83-30    Introduction
83-31    Schedule of Penalties
83-32    Schedule of Bonds
83-33    Defrauding Parking Meters
83-34    Appeals of Citations
83-35    Access Control Device Deposit
83-36    Falsifying Parking Permits, Decals, or Rates

Article 1
General Motor Vehicle Regulations

83-1 Traffic and Parking Regulations; Introduction

A. The definitions and meanings of terms shall be as follows:

Academic Year…From opening date of school one calendar year to same date of ensuing calendar year.

Campus…All property grounds, streets, drives, alleys, or any other institutional property under the Medical University of South Carolina’s control, in and around Charleston, South Carolina, including properties of its affiliates and associates.

Parking Year…from October 1st of one parking year to September 30th of the ensuing year. University…Unless otherwise provided, the Medical University of South Carolina at Charleston, South Carolina.

B. These regulations apply to the drivers of all vehicles, whether public or private, and are in force twenty four (24) hours a day unless other-wise provided in these regulations.  It is unlawful for any driver to violate any of the provisions of these regulations, except as other wise permitted by these regulations or by the laws of the State of South Carolina.

C. The driver of any vehicle shall obey the lawful instruction of any Medical University Public Safety Officer, and of any official traffic sign properly placed in accordance with the provisions of these regulations, except when otherwise directed by a Public Safety Officer.  Whenever a particular section of these regulations does not state that signs are required, such section is effective without signs being provided.

D. The Director of the Office of Parking Management has the authority to utilize signs, signals, and markings to implement these regulations and to erect, establish, and maintain the same.

E. No persons shall, without lawful authority, attempt to or in fact alter, deface, injure, knock down, or remove any official traffic sign or device or any inscription, shield, or insignia thereon, or any other part thereof.

F. The University shall assume no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time while it is operated or parked on the campus.

G. Only the Vice President for Finance and Administration or the Director of the Office of Parking Management shall be authorized to make exceptions to these regulations.

83-2 Parking Areas

Areas to be used for parking shall be determined by the Vice President of Finance and Administration and shall be identified by posted signs, street or curb marking, printed regulations, and campus maps.

83-3 Campus Speed Limit

Unless otherwise posted the Campus speed limit is 10 miles per hour; However, everyone is expected to operate vehicles in a safe manner commensurate with road and weather conditions.

83-4 Parking Prohibited

Parking is prohibited on sidewalks, walkways, grass, lawn, intersections, driveways or alleyways, unless indicated by signs.  At no time should service drives and trash pickup areas be blocked.  Unless an area is identified as a parking area, parking in that area shall be prohibited.

83-5 Breakdowns

In the event a vehicle breaks down or runs out of gasoline while on campus, all reasonable steps should be taken to remove the vehicle from the street or other hazardous position to a parking space.  In the event the vehicle must be parked illegally to await repairs or gasoline, University Public Safety Department should be notified immediately.

83-6 Removing and Impounding Vehicles

The Department of Public Safety consistent with sate laws providing for said towing and booting shall be responsible for towing and booting under the following conditions:

(a)              Parked in such a way as to constitute serious hazard; or

(b)              That impedes vehicular or pedestrian traffic movement;

(c)               That impedes the operation of emergency equipment;

(d)              Parked in a fire lane or by a fire plug;

(e)              Parked in a restricted parking area without a valid permit or decal; or

(f)               If three or more unpaid traffic violations have been issued against said vehicle.

Owners of such vehicles assume all risks involved and will be required to pay all costs involved in the removing, impounding, or storing of such vehicles.

83-7 Parking for Motorcycles and Motor Scooters and Bicycles

Motorcycles, motor scooters, and bicycles may be parked only in the spaces provided for them as indicated by signs on the Campus.  The operation of motor scooters and motorcycles on or across sidewalks and walkways is strictly prohibited.  Motor scooters, bikes and motorcycles may not be stored in buildings on the Campus.  Such vehicles will be removed and impounded by the University at the owner’s expense.  Bicycles operated or housed on Medical University campus shall be registered with the City of Charleston Police Department.  Forms for registering may be obtained at the City Police Department, or MUSC Department of Public Safety.  Bicycles which are locked to stair rails, sign posts, or meter posts, may be removed by the Department of Public Safety.  Such confiscated bicycles shall be held for a period of ninety (90) days and if not claimed within that period by the owner shall be sold or otherwise disposed of.

83-8 The Definition and Meaning of “Park"

The standing of a vehicle whether occupied or not, otherwise than temporarily for the purpose of, or while engaging in loading and unloading.

83-09 Application of Laws

The fact that a person parks in violation of any law, or regulation and does not receive a citation does not mean that the law, or regulation is no longer in effect.

83-10 Cross-Walks

Pedestrians shall have the right-of-way at designated cross-walks at all times except at signal controlled intersections, where pedestrians shall comply with the signal.

83-11    Patient and Visitor Parking Lots, Parking Garages, and Parking Meters

Unless expressly stated by signage, use of patient and visitor parking lots, garages, and parking meters by students and/or employees is prohibited.

83-12    Parking Meters

Parking meters on the Campus are in force as posted at each meter. Any vehicle violating metered parking may be cited.



83-20 Introduction

The Office of Parking Management is responsible for management of the university parking system including making parking assignments, the registration of vehicles, the maintenance of registration records, and shall issue decals and access control devices to qualified applicants.

83-21 Who Must Register

Every employee and student of the University and affiliated organizations who desires to utilize University managed parking must register with the Office of Parking Management.

83-22 Parking and Registration Fees

Parking rates and registration and other service fees are established by the Vice President for Finance and Administration subject to the approval of the President.

83-23 Requirements

All persons utilizing regular parking privileges shall be required to pay fees as established by the University and to register their motor vehicle(s) with the Office of Parking Management subject to the following:

A. Persons wishing to register vehicles shall be required to show evidence of state vehicle registration at the time of registration with the Office of Parking Management.

B. Decals and permits must be displayed and permanently affixed on the vehicle as required by the Office of Parking Management.

C. Each parking decal is valid only for the location designated on the permit or decal, and will not allow for parking in any other lot.

D. The driver and owner or person in whose name the vehicle is registered is responsible for all violations against the vehicle for which the decal is issued.

83-24 New Decal or Access Control Device Replacement

Should a decal or access control device be lost or mutilated, a new decal or access control device may be obtained from the Office of Parking Management.  A replacement fee as authorized by the University shall be charged.

83-25 Car Pools

Carpooling is encouraged on campus.  Any employee wishing to carpool must register with the Office of Parking Management.  Carpool parking assignments shall be made on the basis of parking priorities as approved by the University.

83-26 Service Vehicles

Contractors, vendors, and service representatives who render services to the University and who desire to park in designated service areas must obtain parking authorization from the Office of Parking Management.  Service parking authorizations must be renewed on an annual basis at the discretion of the University.

83-27    Reserved Parking

Availability of parking space is limited on University property.

Convenience, priority assignment of parking when so requested shall receive consideration within the limitations of the area requested.  Parking assignments shall be made on the basis of parking priorities as approved by the University.  Parking priorities shall be published by the Office of Parking management.  Waiting lists shall be maintained for requested parking assignments on the basis of policies as approved by the University.  Vacated parking spaces will be offered to the first name on the waiting list.  Exceptions to the priority of the waiting list may be made by the Vice President for Finance and Administration or the Director of the Office of Parking Management for a limited number of University academic and administration officers and where there are compelling and or unique circumstances.  Special consideration shall be given for handicapped or disabled employees and students.



83-30 Introduction

Public Safety Officers are empowered  and authorized to issue summons and/or traffic citations pursuant to authority contained in the Act to Regulate Traffic at State Institutions and to Provide Penalties (Sections 56-21-10 to 56-21-60 of the 1976 Code). The driver and owner or person in whose name a vehicle is registered shall be responsible for all violations incurred by the vehicle.

Penalties and/or bonds are payable in person to the City Police Department Lockwood Blvd., or the City Treasurer’s Office, corner of Broad and Meeting Streets, or by mail to the City Treasurer, P.O. Box 386, Charleston, South Carolina 29402.

83-31 Schedule of Penalties

Schedule of penalties shall be those as adopted by the City of Charleston Municipal Court and shall be published by the Office of Parking Management.

83-32 Schedule of Bonds

Delinquent violations are those not paid after the tenth day from the date of issuance, the bond shall be increased as mandated by the City of Charleston Municipal Code and shall be published by the Office of Parking Management.  Failure to remit penalties within ten (10) days may result in a summons and increased penalty as mandated by the City of Charleston Municipal Code.

83-33 Defrauding Parking Meters

It shall be unlawful to deposit or cause to be deposited in any meter, any slug, device or metallic substitute for a coin of the United States.  This constitutes a misdemeanor triable by a Magistrate.

83-34    Appeals of Citations

Pursuant to the City of Charleston Municipal Court Administrative Order, all appeals from citations issued by the University, shall be heard by the university’s hearing office at specified times which shall be published and posted by that office.  No appeal can be heard by Municipal Court until the University’s administrative appeal has been heard.

83-35    Access Control Device Deposit

An access control device deposit fee may be charged in order to encourage return of a key card or other personal access control device.  The amount of said security deposit shall be as authorized by the University.

83-36    Falsifying Parking Permit or Decal and Unauthorized Claim to Patient Parking Rates

Anyone falsifying an MUSC parking permit or decal or using said false permit or decal or anyone who makes unauthorized claim to patient parking rates shall be subject to a fine, payment of parking fees incurred and cancellation of parking privileges.  The penalty shall be in an amount and for a duration as authorized by the University.

In addition to stated penalties, the offender may also be subject to disciplinary action pursuant to the MUSC  Employee Handbook or the University Honor Code.


The mission of the Office of Parking Management is to support the teaching, research, and clinical missions of the Medical University of South Carolina by providing first-rate parking services to its customers.



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