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Patient and Visitor Parking


Where is patient parking located for the MUSC hospitals?

MUSC offers patients and visitors parking in the following facilities:

  • Ashley-Rutledge Parking Garage located at 158 Ashley Ave. You may enter this garage from Ashley Avenue or Rutledge Avenue.
  • Jonathan Lucas Street Parking Garage located at 97 Jonathan Lucas Street. Entrance is at the intersection of Doughty, Jonathan Lucas and President Streets.
  • Courtenay Drive Parking Garage located at 21 Courtenay Drive. Entrance to this garage is on Charleston Center Drive.
  • Rutledge Tower Accessible Lot located at 135 Rutledge Ave. Handicap plate, placard, or permit is required for this lot.
  • Ashley River Tower Accessible Parking lot located under ART. Handicap plate, placard, or permit is required for this facility.

For additional information on patient / visitor parking visit patientlocations.htm.

Where will I find handicap parking?

Designated handicap parking spaces are located on all floors of the visitor garages. Additional handicap parking is available on the horse shoe drive in front of the MUSC hospital located on Ashley Avenue, at the Rutledge Tower Accessible Lot, and under the Ashley River Tower.

How much does parking cost?

Self-parking for outpatients is $.75 per half hour, up to a maximum of $3 in the Ashley-Rutledge, Jonathan Lucas or Courtenay Drive garages. If parking exceeds two hours, all charges over $3 will be paid by the hospital; but to receive this courtesy the ticket must be validated by the reception staff in the area where you receive your care.

Valet parking is available for a fee of $5 at the Ashley River Tower, the Rutledge Tower, or at Hollings Cancer Center.  Drive your vehicle to the main entrance of any of these buildings for valet service.

Inpatients' families and visitors may park for $.75 per half hour.  The maximum daily rate (up to 24 hours) is $6.  To receive the reduced rate, the visitor should provide the patient's last name and room number to the cashier when exiting the parking facility.  The cashier will issue a receipt.  This will allow unlimited additional exits during the 24-hour period at no charge.

I was told that some patients get free parking.  Is this true? 

There is an all-day rate for hospitalized patients and their families, but there is no free parking (*with the exception of handicap parkers, see below).

I understand there is no charge for parking if I have a handicap placard.

In accordance with the State of South Carolina’s Code of Law, which states parking in metered or timed facilities shall be at no cost to the holders of handicap placards or plates; MUSC does not charge patients or visitors who present one of these authorizations. 

The law also states that this privilege is authorized only when the mobility-impaired individual to whom the handicap plate or placard is issued is driving the vehicle or is being transported in the vehicle that is parked in the facility.  If the mobility-impaired individual is not driving or being transported in the vehicle, the privileges associated with handicap parking, including free parking, is not transferable to others.

I received a parking citation while at MUSC.  What shall I do?

You should call the Office of Parking Management or go to the parking office at your first opportunity. As a patient or the family member of a patient, the parking department staff will give your appeal immediate attention. 

Where is the parking office located and what is their phone number?

The Office of Parking Management is located at 91 President Street on the second floor of the employee parking garage. The telephone number is 843-792-3665.  Please call whenever you have any questions about parking at MUSC, or if we can assist you in any way. 

Please refer to the list of visitor parking facilities for more information. You may also visit for additional information concerning MUSC patients and visitors.


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